Friday, November 19, 2010

Quick and easy gift idea

If you're looking for an idea for hand-made Christmas gifts, here is one of my favorite quick, easy, and unique presents! Plus it's tons of fun to make with kids of all ages and is sure to elicit a smile for years to come.

Photograph with added flowers and ribbon.
I actually saw this idea in a photography magazine years and years ago and stored it in my feeble brain until Kynze asked me to help her make a Mother's Day gift for her Mom. So one sunny Saturday, she donned a dress, strapped on her angel wings, and outside we went.

Of course, she wanted to play more than pose!

Boogie Angel!
As you can see, the angel forgot her petticoat!
Begin by staging the pose with one hand held out in a fist. Make certain the hand is low enough so that the flowers do not cover the face in the finished photograph.

Fist too high.
Better placement of fist.
After the photograph is printed, place a small slit or hole at the top and bottom of the fist. Insert the flower stem into the top of the fist, through the back of the photo, and then out the bottom of the fist. Add ribbon. You can also wrap the flower stems, if desired.

Remove the glass from the picture frame and insert the photograph.


Smile and give yourself a pat on the back! You're about to be loved even more by the recipient of this wonderful keepsake!

Note: this idea is also neat with two or more children. Either stack their fists or place hand around hand.